Lookup Tables

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Organizations with which the company is registered.

Attribute Mappings

Find the labels for all coded values across attributes not found in one of the other lookup tables.


Brands sold by the business. Location may be an independent, licensed seller of a certain brand, or perhaps owned directly by the manufacturer.

Business Types

Coding which is specific to an industry, to better describe the function they perform.

Canadian Census Divisions

Canadian Census Divisions refer to the census geographic units as defined by the Canadian government.

Car Makes

Assigned to particular industries, such as auto and machinery dealers, where a particular model is sold.


Core Based Statistical Areas as defined by the Federal Office of Management and Budget.


Corporate chain to which a place belongs. This includes both franchises and store-owned corporate families.


Municipalities in the United States and Canada along with common aliases.


Counties refer to the Census defined counties.


Combined Statistical Areas as defined by the Federal Office of Management and Budget.

DMA Regions

Designated Market Area regions refer to Nielsen groupings of counties that are covered by television stations.

Job Functions

Job Functions describe the type of work an employee performs in their organization.

Location Intent Topics

Intent identifies topics a buyer is interested in before a purchase is made.

Medical Hospitals

The list of all hospitals referred to by their AHA Code for physician listings found in the database.

Medical Schools

The list of all medical schools referred to by their State School Code for physician listings found in the database.

Medical Specialties

The Medical Specialties table includes the list of all medical and dental specialties.


Data Axle’s proprietary adaptation of the North American Industry Classification System.

Postal Codes

Postal Codes for the United States and Canada.

Professional Specialties

Type of service provided or license held, typically by physicians and attorneys.


Professional titles collected on Contacts with professional licenses and/or degrees.

Religious Denominations

Religious affiliation of a church.

SIC Codes

Data Axle's proprietary Standard Industrial Classification system.

Title Codes

Job titles collected for Contacts, representing the roles and responsibilities of the Contact at the Place.

Yellow Page Codes

Additional information about the relationship between Yellow Page Codes and SIC Codes.