Data Axle Security Overview

50+ Years in Business

Good security requires both technology and trust. Over the years, we've worked hard to earn the trust of our clients and are committed to this mission in the future. Our technology is regularly updated with the latest security patches and evolves with modern best-practices.

Encrypted & Safe At All Times

We encrypt all data transfers with HTTPS, ensuring a secure website and API. Our database backups and file storage encrypt everything at rest. Each customer is scoped to view only their data and no one else's.

Security Audits

We regularly audit every layer of security. We perform a yearly third-party penetration test to detect security problems in both the application and network layers. Access to production servers is restricted to internal employees, logged for auditing, and frequently reviewed.

A Stable Environment

Data Axle is built for the demanding requirements of large businesses. Our web servers operate at full redundancy, and critical data is stored in multiple locations. Enhancements to our services are carefully designed to support backward compatibility for existing clients.