Indicates the restaurant service offering of the place.


Display Name Limited Service

restaurant.limited_service indicates if the Place is a full or limited service restaurant. Full service represents places with table service (meaning a wait staff serves customers at their table). Limited service represents places where table service is not available. This could include certain types of buffets, places where ordering and pickup is done at the register, etc.

Limited Service is determined in two ways:

  • At a chain level, meaning Data Axle has made the determination that certain chains are always full service or limited service. For example, Applebee's will be flagged as false while McDonald's will be flagged as true.
  • By keyword, meaning Data Axle makes assumptions on whether a restaurant offers full or limited service based on the presence of certain keywords in the business name. For example, businesses with the word "Steakhouse" in the name will be flagged as false.

In the Data Axle database, eating & drinking establishments can include a wide range of categories including restaurants, bars, wineries, coffee shops, and more.

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